domenica 13 ottobre 2013

The Dark Side of BluedarkArt

I showed my Colors on several occasions... but now, let me show you my Dark Side...

These are some of my Deviations, on DeviantArt Gallery

...from the Deep Heart of the Earth...
Digital Art

...When the Power of Nature is unleashed...
Original Hand Drawing revworked on Digital Art

...our Minds are always on Fire...
Original Indian Ink Hand Drawing reworked on Digital Art

...From the depths of our wilderness...
Original Oil Painting reworked on Digital Art

...Beyond Our soul...From the depths of the Ocean, up to our Origins ...
Digital Art

From Maya Memories......So long ago...but so close in our Minds...
Mix Photography & Digital Art

...And When the Night comes...

Mix Photography & Digital Art

...We are all born blind...and our destiny is a mystery...
Hand Drawing Mix Pencil, Indian Ink, Watercolor

...Loneliness is our universal condition...
Mix Photography & Digital Art

...Madness is in all of us!... 
Original Watercolor

...Never forget that each of us has a Dark Side...


Some of my ArtWorks on my DeviantArt Gallery are on Sale as
Art Prints, Canvas, Photo, Mugs, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Mouse Pads, Coasters, Magnets, Puzzles

My ArtWorks on the DeviantArt Shop
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giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

Into The Wild

I love drawing Wild Animals, Jungle Sceneries, Savannah Landscapes. Nature is one of my favourite Themes, and here I want to show You some Designs and Illustrations about it.
All the images are on sale on my Portfolios as Vector Files or Jpgs

Hope You enjoyed this Adventure Into The Wild! 

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mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Cute and Strange Creatures by Boriana Giormova

Boriana is an artist full of imagination, and from her creativity are born The Cute and Strange Creatures, Cute and Funny characters, sometimes Sweet and tender, sometimes little evil bugs, adorable and imaginative; she also creates conceptual Designs. The graphic style of Boriana is clean and colorful, and to illustrate my words about this talented Artists, here are some of her works:

Evil Flower Bug

I'm sure You had Fun with Boriana's Cute and Strange Creatures! And You can see more ArtWorks from Her on Society6!


☠ Halloween Illustrations and Designs You can buy for Your favourite Celebration! ☠

Come take a look to these Galleries, And You'll find what You Need:

on Fotolia >
on Shutterstock >
on 123rf >
on GraphicRiver >

Halloween Pumpkins Cartoon - Vector illustrations

Funny Black Cat Cartoon scared by a Pumpkin! Vector illustration

Frankenstein Monster Halloween Cartoon with White Panel - Vector illustration

 Halloween Scary Pumpkin Skull And Spider Web - Vector illustration

Funny Halloween Bat Cat Cartoon - Vector illustration

Halloween Scary and Ugly Evil Skull Witch with Pumpkin and Black Cat - Vector illustration

Halloween Stickers Greeting Card Poster - Vector illustration

Scared Ghost Funny Halloween Cartoon - Vector illustration

Halloween Black Cat Cartoon biting a Pumpkin - Vector Illustration

Halloween Night with Bloody Moonlight - Vector illustration

Psychedelic Skull Colors - Digital Art Design

Have Fun!

Cute, Fun, Exotic, Colorful Birds Illustrations and Designs!

Awesome Toucan Close Up on Exotic Colorful Jungle - Vector Art Design

Cute Little Penguin Cartoon - Summer and Winter Versions - Vector illustration

Hummingbird and Hibiscus on a Jungle Frame Round Label - Vector illustration

Cute Blue Bird / Chick Cartoon with Comics Bubble - Vector illustration

Owl Psychedelic Pop Art Design - Vector illustration

Happy Colorful Macaw Parrot Cartoon - Vector illustration

Baby Owl Love Cartoon - Vector illutration

Pink Flamingos on Peaceful Tropical Sunset - Vector illustration 

You can find many other Birds Illustrations / Designs on this Fotolia's Gallery: